About Us

Our interest in antiques has been years in the making. From an early age I spent time at auctions and carboot sales in South Devon with my mum, a passion inherited from my eccentric grandmother who had an eye for quality and a hoarders heart for beautiful things.

Subsequently what started as a hobby has turned into a full time business, turning the endless search for things we love into things we can sell from our home and in our online store .



What We Do

We source antique and vintage furniture locally and as necessary revive and restore pieces to bring them back to life and up to date, maintaining their sense of history and character whenever possible.

In our workshop we undertake traditional French Polishing and upholstery methods as well as self taught painting techniques to refinish pieces that require attention.

Most of our furniture is made of solid wood, usually oak, mahogany or pine, we appreciate quality and craftsmanship and prefer selling British made furniture whenever possible.

Selling pieces that are useful and practical in the modern home, storage is always a key theme, appreciating that people need attractive items that also provide functionality.



Our painted furniture is created using eco-friendly water based paint.

It has always been important to us to have a 'green' business, we love the concept of recycling old furniture instead of buying new.

 Quality furniture is hard to find at a reasonable and affordable price and we feel that we provide both. The things we sell don't belong in the mass produced age of flat pack furniture but are tailored towards an individuality that will suit both modern and vintage homes alike.