The End of the Summer?

Posted by clare stephens on

The mornings are getting colder, the nights seem to be drawing in and it feels like summer is coming to an end. Mum and I enjoyed the bank holiday Monday, selling at our favourite car boot at Abbotskerwell cricket club, sadly the last one of the year. I was very sensible, I actually managed to not buy much, a rare thing for me, just a lovely vintage silver bangle from the 1960s which has not left my arm in the last week and a Rick Stein paperback, my absolute favourite chef. 

This year has flown by and soon the early signs that Christmas is on its way will appear. Every year I try to think of presents that I can make rather than continually buying new things that may not actually be wanted. My crafting attempts are a bit hit and miss so I am currently looking online for inspiration.


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