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We had a lovely Christmas, a pretty lazy one, with plenty of time infront of the fire and long walks dicovering the countryside around the village with Major Briggs in tow. As usual it was difficult to force ourselves back to work but we have done so with gusto, throwing ourselves back into the continual hunt for antique and vintage pieces. We seem to be starting the new year with an Asian theme, purely by coincidence, I love such pieces but I don't usually seek them out, they have appeared by chance on my weekly hunts for stock. We have just bought a beautiful carved dowry chest and an unusual Anglo Indian cabinet which are new on our stock pages, I would keep them both if we had the room.

We haven't made many plans for 2017 as yet, and definitely no new years resolutions, something which I am hopeless at keeping. Paul is getting fit running around Denbury hill and I am daydreaming about swimming, I just need to actually get to the pool.

Vintage Trading has been doing well, I wish I had more time to devote to being there but  restoration projects take up most of our time.

I am looking forward to the nights drawing out and the first signs of Spring, a tree near the church is already blossoming in the mild weather, its small cherry blossom flowers hinting of good things to come.

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