A lazy Sunday car booting

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It was drizzly and grey this morning as I headed off to meet my mum for a trip to our local car boot sale. I blame her for my second hand addiction, it is something that ties us together, we have loved spending time together in this way since as long as I can remember and we often joke that when she's old and doddery I will push her around in a wheel chair hunting for bargains.

The car boot was a large one, held at our local racecourse and looked promising with plenty of stalls to keep us busy. We got off to a good start with a couple of interesting finds but I let a few things slip away, there are only so many throws and cushions a person can display in their home and our loft groans under the weight of discarded haberdashery. 

I ended up with a few small things, my favourite a small door knocker from St Ives, as Paul pointed out we don't actually live in St Ives but it's one of my most loved places so I think I'm perfectly justified in my purchase.


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