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Paul and I decided, after many months of hinting from me, that we would get a dog.

We are lucky enough to have a beautiful home but sadly no garden so our first choice for a rescue pet had to be abandoned due to regulations for re-homing, a real shame as it would have been nice to have a second hand pet, after all we love anything pre-loved.

After a lot of internet research Paul decided that the only dog for us was a Welsh Terrier, a tan and black bearded dog that is supposedly the oldest known breed in Britain.

Breeders were contacted, arrangements made and now, in four days time, we will be the proud owners of a new addition to the family, a little puppy baby.

Yesterdays visit to his current home gave a brief insight into what we have let ourselves in for, he is actually a bit larger than we thought, or will be when fully grown and he is going to be a handful!

Luckily Paul has created a palace of a kennel in our workshop which is big enough to house two large German Sheppards. The van has the new prototype 'puppy seat' mark 1 fitted and is ready, all we need to do now is collect him and take him to his new home in Devon.

Photos to follow but here is a pic of what he will look like......... and his name shall be


Major Briggs!

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