Antique 2 Part Architects Pine Plan Chest with Military Campaign Brass Handles

  • £1,850.00

A substantial pair of plan chests which date to the late 19th century.

The listed price is for the pair.

Made of pine and mixed woods these handsome pieces of Victorian campaign style furniture could serve a variety of purposes in a domestic or retail setting, ideal for storing art, architects drawings or other large paperwork.

The chests are very heavy and solid, designed to be used stacked on top of each other. Each is fitted with an arrangement of five large drawers which are all finished with recessed campaign style brass handles.

The wood has a wax polished finish which shows a lot of age and character.


The chests are in solid structural condition with many marks of age and use and various repairs here and there.

The wood finish is very characterful with a lot of scratches, marks and dents, please take a look at all of the photos to get an idea of its general condition. Our own website shows more photos.

The bottom drawer has been repaired, a new section of wood added along the top front edge. The back of the chests are quite well aged, rustic and have some basic repairs.

The key has been lost somewhere in time.


for each plan chest

height - 65.5cms

width - 103cms

depth- 84cms

drawers measure 94cms wide x 7cms high x 73.5cms deep

The measurements are taken at the widest points.

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